First steps


Today is like the first day of school,

full of hope, full of energy and determined to grow and excel at what i do.
Over the next few years, i am going to chronicle my experience as i go from today; where i have absolutely no experience with lean investing, to becoming the best in my field.

A little bit of background before we get going:
I´ve spent the last 8 years doing almost everything i could think of:

Started out as a dishwasher, worked my way up and into the kitchen.

Quit the restaurant business for bartending.

Wanted bigger challenges, started doing event management.

Became a club manager.

Worked in sales.

Broke sales records.

Went out and started my own firm.

Caught partner embezzling money.

Became lone owner of a growing business.

Grew it to 20 employees.

Made good decisions.

At the same time made all the rookie mistakes.

And now I´m here…

To become a more well rounded entrepeneur I decided that i need to spend my time learning as many skillsets that i can possibly cram into this 22 year old brain, and so I made the decision to start working for a company that focuses on lean investing, and i resolved to become the best in that field.
As my knowledge of the subject deepens, i will share it all with the internet.

Hopefully, it will be one hell of a ride!



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